Dental Emergencies

We pride ourselves in taking care of our emergencies immediately in-office that your child is familiar with. We do not outsource our emergencies because the last thing you need when your child is in pain, or worst has an avulsed tooth, is to take that precious time to look for a dentist who is covering emergencies that day. Time is of the essence especially when needing to re-implant an avulsed tooth when it is essential for survival to do so within the first 20 minutes.

We understand how stressful and inconvenient it can be for you and your child to find a new office and meet new faces during a dental emergency. Our office will give you that peace of mind with our doctors being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with access to your child chart and history.

Severe trauma to head/jaw:

Seek emergency medical care immediately. Once stable and if teeth are broken or there was a possible injury to jaw, call your dentist to alert them.


Clean teeth. Use dental floss to gently to dislodge any food packed between teeth.

If there are cavities (visible holes on teeth), gently clean any food debris. Don’t put Aspirin on it.

If the tooth is fractured or loose, don’t bite or put pressure on it. Avoid cold or hot drinks and call your dentist.

If the face becomes swollen after toothache, consult a dentist. It could be an infection that needs immediate attention.

If trauma to lips, apply ice.

If bleeding, apply pressure to area until you get help.

Avulsed (knocked out) permanent teeth:

Gently hold the tooth from the crown, not the root. If not fractured, gently re-insert the tooth in its socket – if you can figure it out correctly. Have your child bite down gently on a towel or soft pad to hold it in place and see your dentist immediately to secure it.

If you can’t re-implant it, keep the tooth moist in cold milk or saliva (on the side of the cheek) and see a dentist immediately. Make sure you bring the tooth!

Broken or Chipped teeth:

Contact your dentist to decide if your child should be seen same day.

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