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Solutions to 5 Common Causes of Bad Breath

Causes of bad breath


Bad breath, or halitosis is a common problem for people of all ages.  While some bad breath is normal, such as what’s caused by certain foods, bad breath may also be a symptom of something greater.  Here are five common causes of bad breath and their solutions:

Cause: Smelly food

Foods with a strong odor before you eat them are likely to have a strong odor afterwards.

Solution:  Chewing sugar-free gum is likely to help cure bad breath caused by smelly foods such as garlic.  You might also try eating something minty – the real reason that your meal often comes with parsley.  Also, one trick is a small dab of mustard, which is said to kill the smell quickly.

Cause: Medication

Sometimes certain medications (such as antihistamines) can cause you to produce less saliva, making your mouth dry.  Bacteria that often gets washed away by saliva is then left to reproduce and leave a foul odor.

Solution: Aside from changing your medication, sugar-free chewing gum may help your mouth by increasing saliva.  Drinking more water will also rid your mouth of some of the bacteria that causes bad breath.

Cause: Dairy

Generally, dairy products are good for your teeth.  But they can also cause bad breath because bacteria love to feed on their high levels of amino acids.

Solution:  Keep eating dairy; it’s really good for your teeth! But be sure to brush and floss regularly as well.  Rinsing your mouth with water following meals may also help keep bad breath away.

Cause: Mouth breathing

Breathing through your mouth, especially when congested from a cold, can cause bad breath because it dries out your mouth.  But if you regularly breathe primarily through your mouth while sleeping it may be caused by a larger problem.

Solution: Seeing a physician for sleep apnea, snoring or asthma may be in order.

Cause: Gum disease & plaque

Your mouth may smell because it’s unhealthy.  Bacteria allowed to grow between the teeth and around your gums may be causing damage that needs to be treated.

Solution:  Aside from regular brushing and flossing, staying on top of regular dental check-ups is essential.  Is your family caught up?  Why not give us a call and schedule an appointment today?


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